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        Current position:>>> Shijiazhuang Special Roller Co.,Ltd >>> Culture
        1、Corporate Culture
          Shijiazhuang Special Roller Co.,Ltd has established, has its own corporate culture, the corporate culture has been building as part of the programmatic building construction task, in succession traditional Chinese virtues "of the best things for your friends" At the same time, Also injected foreign advanced corporate culture thinking that the establishment of the first-class team to rise above the innovative thinking of the enterprise culture. This will be accompanied by a corporate culture of our enterprises will never come.
          The company's corporate culture: "first class technology, first-class service, first-class team."
        2、The spirit of enterprise
          Enterprise culture is one of the fertile soil, the land will nurture our entrepreneurial spirit, "-class technology, first-class service, first-class team," each one tell the staff, from the day you plant to be pursued excellence, such excellence is reflected in the product quality, is embodied in the life character.
        The entrepreneurial spirit of the company: "Casting unique character casting"
        3、The purpose of enterprise
          Company as a mainstay, is also a member of society, from the common, the social arena, we would be bottom-up, not development. On our own responsibility, responsibility for our Community, our world for the purpose of our enterprise.
        4、Enterprise Vision
          Today's bottom-up enterprise is not in a vacuum, we must face all kinds of competition, all kinds of challenges. What kind of a "hope" Let us keep this enterprise before the trip

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